Documentarian and editor.

A documentary investigating the life and artistic processes of poetic cinema filmmaker Mary Helena Clark.

Captivated by 16 millimeter filmmaker Mary Helena Clark when she happened to substitute for a professor one day, I timidly approached her at the end of class session to ask her if she would agree to be the feature of my documentary. The ensuing piece would be surreal to make, as her home, tucked in a suburban neighborhood, had an aura of artistic peacefulness and poetry. The shooting process felt like a conversation as I, essentially a one-man crew, followed her around her home as she showed me her workspaces.

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Editing the piece proved to be incredibly daunting, as I initially lacked a clear direction to tell Mary Helena's story. However, everything came together when, during one late-night editing session, I recognized a pattern of recurring circles in her life: the 'The Homeless Wanderer' record that she plays at the beginning of the piece; the circular 16mm celluloid rolls; the circle within the Japanese consulate flag and the growing, portal-like circle, both from her films. After I bookended the documentary with shots of her emerging from the portal-like entrance to her attic workspace, the title seemed a given: Wander Through Portals.  

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